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We are helping enterprises automate their entire factories, warehouses or supply chain operations by deploying AI-powered end-to-end robotic workcells

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We are automating old-line industries and architecting "lights-out" factories, powered by robotics and AI. We pioneered the robots-as-a-service (RaaS) business model for robotic workcells, and through a factory automation-as-a-service agreement, RIOS provides world-class automation packaged with an all-inclusive service at zero upfront capital costs.

Why you need a partner like RIOS
  • Day one value

    Our workcells are powered by AI and dedicated hardware to deliver value out of the box. The robotic workcells are easy to use and integrate within existing workflows

  • Production-grade machines

    We engineer robust machines that meet throughputs and KPIs. Our machines have practically zero downtime (99.6% uptime guaranteed).

  • Factory automation as-a-service

    There are no upfront capital costs, enabling businesses of all sizes to access world-leading automation. We provide an all-inclusive and frictionless service to our clients.

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Contact the experienced robotics automation team at RIOS to begin. Learn how to:

  • Eliminate operating expenses by up to 70%
  • Reduce your dependency on labor
  • Bolster facility throughput by 25% to 50% with automation.
  • Get a personalized ROI analysis of your specific environment and business
Quick deploying, max uptime solution
  • No CapEx fees at any time with contract
  • Billed at hourly rate per FTE
  • RIOS RaaS includes installation, acceptance testing, ongoing support, and preventative maintenance
  • Deployment in a month or less
Real-world customer results

Intelligent Enterprise Robotic solutions from Rios are proven to improve operational efficiency, picking speed and sorting productivity in warehouses and distribution centers.

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Up to 90% reduction in truck unload time

Higher throughput

Up to 3X increased capacity

Lower costs

Up to 70% reduction in overhead costs

Less space

Up to 35% smaller footprint

Hit promotional products

Hit wanted to implement “lights out” robotic solutions to manufacture and package their brand products. Facing both rapid growth and marketplace disruption, Hit wanted to increase productivity and reduce its operational costs.

  • Deployed robotic workcells
  • Deployed its HERMES fleet within 60 days
  • Packaged over 200,000 products in the first 2 months
  • Deployed its ASTRIA fleet
  • HERMES and ASTRIA fleets rolled out
  • 60% Savings on Production Costs
  • Hit continue working with RIOS to deploy a new batch of 100s of robotic workcells
Ramar foods

Ramar Foods business has been skyrocketing during Covid, with customers consuming way more. Ramar chose RIOS as their key strategic partner to rapidly bring a scalable robotic workforce to its factory to address customer demand and upskill its workers.

  • Deployed its DION robotic fleet
  • Rolled out its LUMOS fleet
  • Deployed first-of-its-kind robotic workcells in which multiple robots are able to collaborate with each together to perform multiple complex tasks
  • DION and LUMOS fleets rolled out
  • 70% savings with human-level productivity
  • Machines can handle 22 million items per year

We are automating old-line industries and architecting "lights-out" factories, powered by robotics and AI. We pioneered the robots-as-a-service (RaaS) business model for robotic workcells, and through a factory automation-as-a-service agreement

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What our customers think

RIOS is a necessary piece of the puzzle to help our customers meet production goals and grow year over year with limited labor resources.

Michael Thomas Ward, material handling specialist/engineer
V & H material handling

The innovation of RIOS robotic solutions extends beyond a technically talented team adept at creating solutions to solve labor and material handling challenges to their entire business model. Not only do they offer the savings and benefits of RaaS, but their ability to replicate solutions over a broad install base is a game changer that forces customers to rethink their traditional view of automation and how RIOS can now help them target automation solutions that were previously not attainable or even considered.

Kevin Miller, president
Associated packaging, inc.
What is RaaS?

RIOS pioneered the robots-as-a-sevice (RaaS) business model for robotic workcells well before other automation providers, and currently offers its robotic workfoce through a factory automation-as-a-service agreement, in which customers heve no upront capital commitments.

Who are our clients?

RIOS has signed agreements with over a dozen customers in the U.S. and Japan, from mis-size businesses to large enterprises. Our robotic workcells are currently deployed in the U.S. un the manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and food & beverage sectors.

What do we focus on?

RIOS focuses on the last frontier of automation in factories, in which traditional automation breaks down. RIOS has built a new breed of robots possessing unparalleled levels of dexterity, cognitive skills and autonomy.

What is RIOS value proposition to its customers?

RIOS' value proposition to its customers are production-grade machines that meet throughputs and KPIs, are easy to use, have practically zero downtime, and can be integrated within their existing workflows.

Which solutions we have?

We're bringing the world’s most advanced AI-powered end-to-end robotic workcells to the factory floor. Astria - material handling and machine tending workcell. Dion - food handling workcell with buils-in tray management system. Hermes - pack out to polybags workcell. Lumos - quality control platform. Vulcan - pack out to box.